Revamping & Rejuvinating

Hello fellow viewers,
It has been clearly a very long and over due blogpost in a very long time about two years now. I am excited to be back blogging, sharing my life with all of you and hearing your feedback for me and if you all have or are going through the same life choices and decisions.

I am definitely excited to revamp my old blog and make it new again. Many things will change especially the content and material I will be blogging about. But I must reassure you all that one thing is certain yours truly Ms. Nee-Ann M. Will not change as far as I'm concerned. So bare with me and I can't wait to get back to the blogosphere. It shall be fun!

Till then stay positive and I'll catch you on the next post.

Is she unhappy or just confused?

She got what she's been pondering back. The answers to her questions, yet they wonder, Is she satisfied? Content? Got clarity? Some may call it closure? 
Deep down, sure she got what she wanted...but not everything she expected. She got the answers black and white but no color added to them, no spark to keep her interested. Now one last question remains.. What will she do now?  -the girl who plays the poker face card

For September & the future


S I M P L I F Y 👌❤️


To: Everyone From: Your inner thoughts



"No one has the right to tell you how to live your life... unless you're a serial killer." -d.d.d

Live everyday with a heavy heart.